Thursday, July 2, 2009

Borong MAC!!

Brow Set: Gril Boy Mascara & Clear EyeBrow Gel

These are the colors...look alike right? but Baby Sparks a bit pinkish, Smile more to Peachy and Love Nectar more to chocolate/brownish.
Lip Glass Baby Sparks DazzleGlass, Smile DazzleGlass & Love Nectar LustreGlass

Mineral Skin Finish Natural Medium & Golden Bronzing Powder

Limited Edition Refined Golden Bronzing Powder & On A Mission Powder Blush

Semlm sempat Dinas gi MAC kt Mid Valley....mmg nak borong few items from MAC utk tambah collection. These are some of the items yg sempat Dinas grab.....nanti lepas ni Dinas akan buat makeover using these new items that I've just bought for infor on the effect kay! enjoy.....

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